Continuity Assurance Program (CAP)

Challenges of IT Management

  • Senior Level IT personnel have never been more important, or more expensive.
  • Eventually, your highest-level IT Personnel will move on.
  • Idiosyncrasies specific to your environment may or may not remain behind.
  • The organization is now left with the painful process of transitioning and training of new Personnel.

A Better Approach

  • MSCS assigns one of our Senior Level consultants for 1 (or more) days per week to participate in various levels of your IT infrastructure:
    • General System Administration
    • Establish and maintain Operational Standards.
    • Ensure full Documentation for the entire IT environment.
    • Offer advice on best practices, all acquired through years of experience in a wide variety of IT Environments.
  • As staff turnover occurs, MSCS remains the constant. MSCS becomes a direct resource in helping replacement staff learn your environment.
  • Expense-line costs significantly lower than hiring full time personnel.

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