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1. the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time.
2. the maintenance of continuous action and self-consistent detail.

1. a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise.
2. confidence or certainty in one's own abilities.

con·ti·nu·i·ty as·sur·ance pro·gram
käntəˈn(y)o͞oədē əˈSHo͝orənspē proh gram
1. service strategy deployed by MS Consulting Services; provides continuity assurance of IT management practices regardless of staff turnover.

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The MSCS Promise

Our promise is simple. Your return on investment and the value you receive will far exceed your effort and expenditure.

Enterprise-Class Business Services

For less than the cost of a full-time computer professional, we can offer up to 24x7 complete computer support services for your business. Pay for just what you need!

VAX & Alpha Emulation Products

For environments still running legacy hardware from DEC, Compaq and/or HP, MS Consulting is a 19 year reseller of VAX and Alpha emulation products.

"MSCS is not like other consultants. They actually seem to care about their customers."

- Mike Jones, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

"I would happily recommend their services to any company in need of loyal, responsive and professional technology consulting."

- Eric DeBord, Protential

"We expect this relationship to continue in the foreseeable future and would highly recommend MS Consulting Services to any potential clients."

- Rick Gray, Hartmarx Corporation


John Spitkovsky


John Spitkovsky grew up in the Chicago area and underwent a solid scholastic experience, graduated with honors from the city's parochial school system and ultimately attended the Illinois Institute of Technology. There, he received both a B.S. with honors and M.S. with high honors in Computer Science. More >>>

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