vtVAX and vtAlpha, or the older Charon-VAX and Charon-AXP:

VAX and Alpha emulation on Windows XP, 200<x>, Linux, VMware and Alpha/OpenVMS.

Reduce your cost of ownership now and extend the life of your VAX and Alpha applications.


A very low cost alternative to HP/OpenView, BMC/Patrol, and CA-UniCenter. WanCenter is a NO LICENSE Open Source tools package customized by MSCS specifically for your site to monitor, report and alert network traffic, server and application events. Stop paying costly license and annual support fees! WanCenter Brochure


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MS Consulting has sold industry-leading VAX and Alpha (AXP) emulation products since 1999, and is authorized to resell and support both products throughout North America. Ask us about our success stories and how we have helped businesses migrate to a less costly hardware platform while extending the life of their legacy applications.

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  • Performance is often better even though it is an emulator.
  • Windows XP, 200, Linux, VMware are supported host platforms.
  • Most device and protocol support scenarios are supported. Even Qbus,
  • Terminal I/O, Decnet, LAT.
  • All DEC/Compaq/HP licenses can be transferred.

While the diagram below shows the Charon methodology, the vtVAX and vtAlpha can provide a "bare metal" approach to remove the underlying operating system concerns.

VAX Emulation

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vtVAX and vtAlpha are products of Vere Technologies


  • Hardware is end-of-life and failing.
  • Maintenance costs have increased significantly, if available at all.
  • Application rewriting too expensive.
  • Application Source code not available.
  • Automatic conversion tools do not completely work.
  • Need performance boost


Any platform: Factor 0.5 per 100 MHz CPU and higher with Instruction Caching Technology

> Performance ratings comparable or higher than the emulated model